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We interface with a building’s existing hardware to collect data in real-time and present it on a mobile-friendly dashboard. By connecting these systems together, we make any commercial building smarter using little or no added hardware.


World-class buildings deserve straight-forward building management systems. We built Strata with usability and simplicity in mind for a truly effective solution.


Access the data you need effortlessly. Strata seamlessly integrates data from any number of sources to help you understand your infrastructure’s mechanics.


New challenges require a fresh solution. We designed Strata to be an extendable platform from the ground up. This ensures a future-proof solution as your needs evolve.


Strata Other Vendors
Single System Monitoring
(HVAC, Lighting, Security, etc.)
Fully-Integrated Monitoring
Instant Data Access
Customized Trending & Reporting
Custom Software Development
Simple, easy-to-use Interface
Strata Dashboard

Case Study: 1M sq.ft. of Class A office space.

Fortune 500 Bank in Toronto, Canada

  • Currently running Strata operating system
  • 40%+ gain in workforce productivity
  • LEED Core and Shell Platinum Tower (Toronto's first)
  • Bespoke monitoring & data solution for BAS, lighting & security
  • Insights into intelligent spaces and integrated infrastructure

Tenant Value

  • Improve Occupant Satisfaction
  • Develop Custom Applications
  • Gain Visibility of Expenditures
  • Unlock Full Building Potential
  • Manage Data Analytics & Reporting

Operator Value

  • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • Streamline Workflow Management
  • Improved Sustainability Accountability
  • Support LEED Certification & Title 24
  • Generate Data Analytics & Reporting

The Future of Building Management is Simplicity

Monitoring and controlling commercial buildings have traditionally been complex and cumbersome. We believe that the future of building management should be beautifully simple. It’s about empowering tenants and building operators with the right information and the right tools for effective building control. We designed Strata with a primary focus on end-users.

Our Team

BuildScience is a team of University of Waterloo Engineering alumni with a passion for cutting-edge technology. Having worked at Fortune 500 companies, startups and institutions, we understand that tackling the challenges faced by today's buildings requires a diverse team. Over the years we've gained extensive experience working with hardware, software and power systems. We’ve built data-driven analytics that shaped display technology, designed a meteorological station that landed on Mars, and improved electricity system reliability. We are inspired by challenge.

Feel free to email us with any feedback or just to say hi at, You can also give us a call at, (650) 557-6271. BuildScience is based in Mountain View, California.